Fresh Yagoda

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Fresh Yagoda is a diversified service provider that supplies the finest produce products to clients in Russia, Europe and selected cities across the United States. Fresh Yagoda delivers great customer satisfaction while strictly adhering to ethically and environmentally approved practices. Being committed to our high standards, we can guarantee quality assured products. Based in California with additional offices in Russia, Costa Rica, Israel and Holland, Fresh Yagoda supplies the freshest produce daily directly from our growers to ensure our customers receive the finest quality fresh products available. All orders are delivered directly from growers to our logistic partners where they are sorted and packed in special cooling containers to maintain the finest quality.

Fresh Yagoda has a full time field staff that devotes it’s time to covering the primary export crops in all Hemisphere in order to provide year round seasonal products. Our professional buying and field staff work together to find the finest produce that meets our customer’s specific requirements for quality assurance.

Retailers, importers, wholesalers and distributers appreciate Fresh Yagoda’s reliable service and attention to detail. Fresh Yagoda is unique in having its own dedicated staff and facilities to inspect and load shipments of fresh produce. In Mexico and California we specialize in handling mixed loads of the highest quality fresh berries for airfreight shipments. In Costa Rica, South Africa, Brazil and Israel, our produce is carefully selected, inspected and loaded by our quality control teams. At Fresh Yagoda Inc. we have made food safety and quality control the most important focus of our produce shipping program.